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Cloud County Co-Op Elevator Association currently has three elevator locations, one in Jamestown and two in Concordia, one of which houses our Train Loading Facility known as, Concordia Terminal LLC. We have a 2.3 million-bushel capacity between the Jamestown grain elevators and Concordia grain elevators and offer a variety of bin sizes for each elevator. Call Cloud County Co-Op at (785) 243-2080 for more information about our Jamestown and Concordia Elevators today.

Cloud County Concordia Elevator at dawn
Concordia Terminal LLC locomotive

Concordia Terminal, LLC.

Concordia Terminal LLC is the location of our 114-train car loading facility as well as an additional 2.5 million-bushel bin capacity. This facility is designed to operate at a more breakneck pace and can handle up to 175 trucks per hour or roughly 800 trucks per day. In fact, Concordia Terminal LLC was the busiest intercontinental train loading facility throughout the U.S. in 2019. Our staff works efficiently to serve the needs of our delivery drivers, feed yards and other distribution locations across the world including countries like Spain, China, and of course, here at home. Please call (785) 243-2080 to learn more about Concordia Terminal LLC’s elevators and train loading facility.

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Elevator Locations

Cloud County Concordia Elevator location

304 Kansas St.
Concordia, KS 66901

Cloud County Jamestown Elevator location

107 Spruce St.
Jamestown, KS 66948

Cloud County Concordia Terminal location

1111 W 4th St.
Concordia, KS 66901

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